Additional Shipping Service Options

Accessorial Charges

What are accessorial Charges?

An additional expenses a customer incurs when delivery shipments go beyond normal procedures.

This differs from that of a residential delivery. Commercial facilities could be deemed limited access. If the pickup or delivery location is difficult to navigate, its considered limited access. This is true if shipping to a residential as well as commercial address. 

If the driver is asked or required to deliver the product(s) farther than the tailgate of the truck, the final invoice will include additional fees for their assistance.

Considering white glove service if you are shipping items that require special attention, are valuable or you simply prefer to leave the hassle to the professionals. This service includes professionally packaged, strapped, shipped and delivered. You don’t have to lift a finger!

Because carriers are regulated on trailer captivity if the dimension; if the information provided is incorrect on the BOL you could be charged additional shipping fees. It’s imperative dimensions are accurate before the shipment is scheduled for pickup. 

This occurs when the shipment is inspected for transit and a discrepancy is found between the listed class and the actual shipping classifications. These are set forth by the National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) system.

Residential shipping fees apply to any shipment to or from a facility that isn’t classified a commercial address. 

If the product your shipping will be picked up or delivered at ground level, the carrier will most likely require the use of a lift gate. Not all delivery trucks are equipped with this option. Making it imperative the bill of lading (BOL) is noted. If the delivery is impossible due to incorrect information, there could be additional fees for re-delivery.

If the carrier needs to contact the consignee prior to delivery, an appointment  needs to set. This part of the delivery is completed by the terminal making the delivery. If the carrier isn’t aware a delivery appointment is necessary the shipment could be rejected at destination. If this happens it will require re-delivery, resulting in additional charges.

If a discrepancy is found  when the product is weighed at the shipping terminal you will see an additional fee added to your final invoice. 

"The line between disorder and order lies in logistics."

Sun Tzu

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